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Project Description
An Utility program, which runs out of system tray and perform basic tasks of running command on machines in same network


This utility would not have came so far, without the following open source tools and components, hence a big credit to them:

- MailSystem.NET
- WPF Notify Icon
- PsExec

In Brief, this is a utility program, I developed to help myself for executing few commands on some server and giving me feedback about the execution result of that command. The need of this arises when there are many servers and some point of time a server may require an IIS RESET or want to start some service in some server etc....

All these tasks can be performed by using this utility and sending a simple mail with subject specifying command to execute on a particular server. I know this is not a bullet proof implementation, although it suffice my purpose.

I thought of sharing this with open source community for getting feedback and improving this utility.

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